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Who is my advisor?

During your first semester at UIW, you will be assigned to a Faculty advisor. UAC academic counselors are your secondary advisors. You must make every effort to contact your Faculty advisor for signatures, degree audits, etc.

Find out who your Faculty Advisor is:

  • Login to My Word
  • Click on Student Information
  • Click on View General/Advisor Record
  • Enter Term
  • Your advisor's name can be found under Primary Advisor
  • You can find your advisor's contact information on the online directory:

orientationWhere can I change my advisor and/or major?

Please stop by the University Advising Center (Administration Building, room 105) and complete the Change of Major and/or Advisor form.

Does UIW provide accommodations for students with disabilities?

Yes, UIW provides accommodations to students who have self identified and provided the required documentation. Accommodations are determined based on individual need. Please contact Student Disability Services at 829-3997.

How do I learn about my progress towards earning my degree?

Please contact your Faculty advisor to learn about your progress towards earning your degree.The University Advising Center counselors can teach you about degree requirements and show you how to check your progress by appointment and with the permission from your Faculty advisor.

Where can I get an "Unofficial Degree Checklist"?

Please contact your Faculty advisor for an unofficial degree checklist. You can also get an unofficial degree checklist through CAPP (online degree evaluation) in bannerweb. The University Advising Center counselors can provide an unofficial degree checklist with the permission of your Faculty advisor.

I would like to withdraw from the University, what do I need to do?

Contact the office of the Dean, Student Success, 16 Chapel Building, 805-5813. In addition, you need to contact the Financial Aid office at 829-6008 to discuss possible financial aid implications.

What can I do if I’m unable to attend my classes because of an emergency or sickness?

Call and/or email your professor(s). If you are unable due to your situation, contact the University Advising Center at 805-5814. We'll relay the message to your instructors.

How do I calculate my Grade Point Average (GPA)?

To calculate your GPA, points are assigned to semester hour grades as follows:
























*The following grades are not used in computing the GPA:  IP, W, N, or P.

First multiply each grade you received by the assigned grade points. Next, add up all of your grade points. The GPA is determined by dividing the number of grade points earned by the number of semester hours attempted.