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The program in Art balances studies in the liberal arts and sciences with studio art and art history. Focal areas include a BA in Art, a BFA in Art, a minor in Art, a minor in Art History, and a minor in Photography. Course offerings are designed to develop personal awareness and individual self-expression. The goal of the program is to impart an informed understanding of art through creative work and discerning observation, as well as prepare the student for entry into an MFA program and/or for participation in the professional art world, thus adding to the cultural resources and enrichment of students' lives.

Degree Sequences (4-year degree plans)

We offer degree sequences (four-year degree plans) to assist students and advisors.

Following these sequences increases the likelihood of completing these degrees in four years' time. Dropping courses, retaking classes, or registering for less than a full course load will delay graduation, so always consult your academic advisor before deviating from these suggested sequences. Students may enroll in a course only if they have met all prerequisites for that course. Check the UIW Bulletin for details.