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In January of each year, the school prepares IRS Form 1098-T for all eligible students. This form may be used to figure and claim educational tax credits. For more detailed information on this subject, refer to Internal Revenue Service Form 8863 or Pub. 970 Tax Benefits for Higher Education By default, the school will send a copy of IRS Form 1098-T by U.S. Mail to the permanent address on the student record. By selecting the electronic-only delivery option, instead of receiving the form in the mail, it will be retrievable online through the UIW ePayment Center. The forms will be published no later than January 31, and will remain available indefinitely. A reminder email will be sent when the form is published. Enrollment in the electronic-only option may be cancelled at any time by editing the option online through the UIW ePayment Center.

To enroll in the electronic only delivery of the IRS Form 1098T, visit the UIW ePayment Center.

Request for Student SSN

Download the W-9S Form

Please print, complete section 1, and return the W-9S form to the Registrar’s Office (For Security reasons, please avoid submitting this by email):

Mailing Address:

Office of the Registrar

University of the Incarnate Word

4301 Broadway, CPO 304

San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: (210)-829-6006

Fax: (210)-829-3922


Hand Delivery:

University of the Incarnate Word

Office of the Registrar

Administration Building, Room 129

4301 Broadway

San Antonio, TX 78209


To print 1098-T via ePayment Center


The 1098T will be available on the bottom right corner of the screen.


To print 1098-T via BannerWeb Self-Service

Go to:   Login to Secure Area

Enter   User ID: (students ID#)

Enter   PIN:   (student can obtain assistance from the Registrar's office if they do not know the pin)

Click Login

Go to:   Student Services

Go to:   Business Office

View 1098-T Notification

Enter Tax Year:   (current or past tax year needed)

Click Submit

Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (1098-T)

Special IRS instructions for taxpayers who want to claim the above-the-line tuition deduction. Congress belatedly reinstated the tuition and fees tax deduction in December retroactively (it had expired January 1, 2006). The IRS had already sent its paper forms to the printer before Congress acted, so there is no place on the form 1040 for the deduction. Further, IRS needs to reprogram its software (and so will the on-line and software providers) to allow for the deduction, so the key piece of advice is that no returns claiming the tuition and fee deduction should be filed until early February. More information including instructions on how to fill out paper forms, is available at:,,id=165640,00.html


You may obtain another itemized copy of your tax notification form by requesting one from one of the Student Account Representatives at the Business Office, or by logging on to BannerWeb Self-Service.

For questions regarding your 1098-T, please email the Business Office Manager, Nora Cadena or call 829-6088.


Copy of the message posted for students enrolled for the tax year 2007

Dear UIW Student,

You may have been a recipient of the recently mailed 1098T. Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that our system caused incomplete information on some student records. The problem has been rectified; therefore another 1098T was mailed to all UIW students that were enrolled in 2007. This 1098T is flagged as “Corrected” please use this copy for your tax records. The online option also reflects the latest update. You can see your 1098T by logging onto:

Information regarding 1098Ts can be located at:

We apologize for any inconveniences we may have caused.

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