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**Vehicle Registration and Permit Selection for Spring 2018 is open.** 


 Cardinal Cars Parking Permits Online

The University of the Incarnate Word is pleased to provide the online convenience of ordering parking decals online through the MyWord Self-Service site. MyWord allows registered students and UIW employees the option to enter all vehicle information online under the Cardinal Cars section. Once completed, a designated parking decal will be available for pickup from the Business Office.

      • All student accounts will be charged the annual cost for the parking permit at the time the permit is ordered. The charge for Graduate students will be adjusted after the 100% drop date, by semester.
      • Once the vehicle is registered and a permit is ordered, a temporary permit will is available to print immediately. It is the responsibility of the student/employee to 1) place the temporary permit in their vehicle and 2) pick-up the official decal at the Business Office and display it on their vehicle prior to the expiration of their temporary permit.
      • The option to order a decal will remain open during the school year and student/employee accounts will be charged at the time of the order.
      • UIW full-time employees may opt to use payroll deduction on either a pre-tax or post-tax basis. For payroll deduction, the cost of the permit will be divided into a series of payroll deductions. Enrollment for payroll deductions is available for selection on Cardinal Cars upon registering your vehicle and requesting a parking permit. If payroll deductions is not selected, the parking permit fee is due in full prior to obtaining the permit from the Business Office. 
      • Part-time employees and Vendors will be required to pay the yearly cost of the permit at the time of ordering.  To make a payment, contact the Business Office at 210-829-6043.

Request Permit via Cardinal Cars from myWord Portal 

  1. Login to myWord portal using your Cardinal email username and password.
  2. Select Cardinal Cars icon.
  3. Read the Parking Rules and Regulations and the Vehicle Registration Disclaimer to proceed.
  4. Click on Parking Permits
  5. Select a permit from the dropdown box and click Continue
  6. Here you will enter your vehicle information, if your vehicle exist from a prior year, check the check box next to the vehicle.
  7. At the bottom of the screen add your vehicle information and click Add Vehicle
  8. It will ask you to verify the vehicle information just entered, click OK
  9. If you have more than one vehicle repeat steps 11 - 12 (Please be aware you will only receive one permit for all vehicles and must transfer permit to vehicle on campus.)
  10. After adding all of your vehicles, click the select box next to each vehicle to be assigned to the permit.
  11. Click Permit Selection, and verify the permit selected, click OK
  12. The Temporary Permit will be displayed, scroll to the bottom and print a copy.
  13. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to display the temporary permit in the vehicle AND replace the temporary permit by displaying the official parking decal in their vehicle prior to the expiration of the temporary permit.
  14. Employees only: Click Self Service Banner
  15. Employees only: Click Vehicle Registration
  16. Employees only: Select Cardinal Cars Payroll Deduction Form (to be submitted to the Business Office) or contact the Business Office to make your payment.
  17. Employees only: Submit Payroll Deduction Form to Business Office.

Placement of Parking Decal 

The parking permit must be affixed on the inside of the windshield on the driver’s side near the inspection and registration stickers. The placement of the permit should not obstruct the driver’s view of the roadway or surroundings. The cling permit is removable and is transferable between vehicles provided those vehicles are properly registered to the same operator. All information on the permit must be visible from outside the vehicle (the permit must be affixed upright and the barcode unobstructed).

Image of where to display permit. Bottom right of windshield.


Citation/Ticket Payment Process 

Students/Employees: Parking fines are placed on your student/employee account. Payments for these fines shall be paid toward your student/employee account. Payments may be made online through the ePayment Center by logging into the myWord portal.

Guests/Visitors/Vendors: For guests/visitors/vendors parking on campus without a student/employee account number, please note that your payment for fines should be paid:

1) online at the Business Office - Parking Fine page

2) in person at the Business Office (ticket # and license plate number will be requested)

3) by mail: include ticket#, name, contact number/email, address, vehicle make, vehicle model, and license plate number).

Citation Appeal Process

Any person who has received a citation and believes his/her receipt of the citation is unwarranted must follow the procedures below to receive consideration:

Ticket Appeals:

All appeals must be submitted within ten (10) days of the issuance of the violation.  Such an appeal must detail the circumstances surrounding the violation and specific reasons for requesting a reassessment of the citation's fine.The decision of the Appeals Committee is final. All ticket appeals may be submitted once,  any additional appeal attempts will not be valid or reviewed.

Current Students, Faculty, Staff, Administration

  • All appeals must be submitted through Cardinal Cars located within your myWord Account

Former Students and Non-UIW affiliated guests:

  • email
  • List the ticket # (ex:10A1234567)
  • List the License Plate and state
  • Provide the reason for appeal
  • Provide contact information

Parking is a university granted privilege extended to individuals who agree to abide by the University of the Incarnate Word parking and traffic regulations.  The privilege may be withdrawn from individuals who have demonstrated an unwillingness to adhere to the university’s policies and regulations.