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2017 Club Sports Banquet

Awards Winner
Men's Basketball                                                                         Women's Basketball                     
Most Valuable Player                    Richard Hardy                 Most Valuable Player           Ilse Mojarr
Most Improved Player                   Elijah Cortez                    Most Improved Player         Hailey Darrigo
Defensive Player of the Year       Marcus Perez                   Heart Beat Award                 Valeria Guevara
Cardinal 3's                                        Jackson Becker
Women's Volleyball                                                                    Men’s Soccer                  
Most Valuable Player                Jasmin Thompson              Most Valuable Player              Alan Amaya
Most Improved Player               Briden McGraw                   Most Improved Player            Juan Cisneros
                                                                                                            Most Valuable Defender       Michael Forbes
Lacrosse                                                                                          Most Valuable Midfielder      Alan Amaya
Most Valuable Player                    Zach Miller                        Most Valuable Forward          Lake Hood
Most Improved Player                  Mark Guadiano                 Student-Athlete Award         Alan Amaya
Offensive Rookie of the Year      Harley Gadomski
Defensive Rookie of the Year     Matt Benavidez                               
Trap & Skeet                    
Most Valuable Player                Justin Parker
Most Improved Player              Robert Ludwig
Top Gun                                         Justin Parker
Male Athlete of the Year           Alan Amaya
Female Athlete of the Year      Mary Cogdell