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    Spring 2018 Schedule for the Magna
              Monday Morning Mentor
Each week a new program becomes available Monday mornings.
The program is available for on demand viewing for one full week.


 Jan. 29, 2018  How Do I Create the Ideal Learning Environment for Modern Learners?
Feb. 5, 2018 How Can I Teach Routine Courses with Energy and Enthusiasm?
Feb. 12, 2018 How Can I Use Controversial Issues to Build Cognitive Skills in My Students?
 Feb. 19, 2018 How Can I Leverage Force Multipliers in the Classroom?
Feb. 26, 2018 How Do I Create Social Presence in my Online Classes?
Mar. 5, 2018 How Do I Effectively Review Online Courses and Programs for Quality?
Mar. 12, 2018  How Can I Make My Multiple Choice Tests More Effective?
Mar. 19, 2018 How Can I Be an Effective Mentor?
Mar. 26, 2018 How Can I Engage Generation C?
April 2, 2018   How Can I Revitalize My Classroom with Workforce Development Concepts?
April 9, 2018 How Do I Earn Swift Trust in my Online Classes?
April 16, 2018 How Do Mini-lectures Improve Student Engagement?
April 23, 2018 How Can I Move my Teaching Forward at Midcareer
April 30, 2018  How Can I Attract and Retain Adjunct Online Faculty?
May 7, 2018 How Can I Write Better Letters of Recommendation?
May 14, 2018 Copyright Crash Course: How Can I Stay on the Right Side of the Law?