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Lilly Conference January 2017, Austin Texas.

Wah-Kwan Ku, Nathaniel Brown, Amy Wagner, Tina Beck


The Center for Teaching and Learning supports UIW faculty in their teaching role through workshops, individual consultations, and other development activities.

The Center for Teaching and Learning is located in the Administration Building, Room 212. Dr. Susan Hall is the Director; she can be reached at 210-283-5030, or You may also contact her Administrative Assistant, Kathy Allwein at 210-283-6359 or




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4301 Broadway, CPO #80

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 Instructional Designer

Jessica Martinez-Palacios

presents in AD 212:


Getting the Semester Off to a Good Start on:

Feb 1st @ noon

Feb 7th @ 10am

Feb 17th @ noon

Feb 20th @ 2pm


The Heart of the Semester's Assigning and Assessing on:

Mar 1st @ noon

Mar 8th @ 10am

Mar 24th @ 2pm

Mar 28th @ 9am

Apr 3rd @ noon

Apr 11th @ 10am


The Flurry at the End of the Semester on:

Apr 21st @ noon

Apr 26th @ 2pm