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Dreeben School of Education Doctor of Philosophy

Concentration in Higher Education


Prepares graduates to be either dynamic higher education leaders or effective professors, with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to understand and facilitate needed changes in contemporary institutions and college classrooms.

Coordinator: Dr. David W. Moffett, 210-283-6409,



This concentration features two "strands", from which students select one: Administration or the Professorate. It prepares graduates for either positions of leadership or teaching in higher education. The program grounds the students both in theory and in the tools and methodology of research so that they can contribute to academic inquiry, and apply theory to issues facing institutions and classrooms. Depending on the choice of concentration strand, the graduate may enter careers in higher education leadership or teaching. Those with an intended focus in teaching must possess at least 12 hours of completed graduate course work in their content area when they begin the program. With an emphasis on collaborative learning, the concentration incorporates collegiality among students, among faculty, and between faculty and students. Opportunities are available for active, engaged learning across the program courses. A higher education practicum in either administration or teaching, as well as directed consultation and research, are included.

Higher Education Program of Study  

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