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This degree concentration in Adult Education provides professional preparation for administrators/supervisors of adult education programs, staff development, continuing and community education, and teachers of adults in a variety of institutional settings.

Requirements for the Master’s degree with a concentration in Adult Education:
Core Courses (12 hours)

  • EDUC 6301 Introduction to Educational Research
  • ADED 6381 Adult Learning and Development
  • EDUC 6306 Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 63CS1 Capstone in Education

Requirements in the major (Select 18 semester hours.)

  • EDUC 6305 Multicultural Concepts in Education
  • ADED 6382 Adult Literacy Education
  • ADED 6385 Methods & Strategies in Adult Ed
  • ADED 6387 Program Development in Adult Ed
  • ADED 6390 Practicum in Adult Learning Environments
  • ADED 6384 Contemporary Issues in Adult Ed
  • ADED 6386 Educational Gerontology
  • ADED 6388 Effective Teams and Groups

Electives (6 semester hours)

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