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This program prepares graduates to be dynamic higher education administrators and effective professors, with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to understand and facilitate needed changes and leadership in contemporary learning institutions, college classrooms and beyond.

This Concentration features two strands, from which students select one: Administration or the Professorate. It prepares graduates for positions of administration or teaching in higher education. The theory-based program provides students with expertise in research methodologies and tools. Graduates contribute to academic inquiry, and apply theories to issues facing institutions, classrooms and policies.Depending on the choice of concentration strand, graduates enter careers in higher education administration, teaching, federal and state education agencies and other education related associations. Students with an intended focus in the professorate must possess at least 12 hours of completed graduate course work in their content area upon entering the program, and possess 18 hours of content course work at the time of program completion. With an emphasis on collaborative learning, the concentration values collegiality among students, among faculty and between faculty and students. Opportunities are available for active, engaged learning across the program courses. A higher education practicum in either administration or teaching, as well as directed consultation and research, is included.

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