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degree plan:

For those entering the program in Fall 2018:

Current Degree Plan

For students that entered the program "before" Fall 2014:

Old Degree Plan


Dissertation Writing Course Announcement

Dissertation Agreement Form


  • Use these forms if you are a PhD candidate in the Dreeben School of Education. 

    • Application to Candidacy – Use this form to certify the completion of all degree requirements except the dissertation. Completing the form signifies eligibility to begin work on the dissertation. Candidates should submit the form during the semester in which the Qualifying Examinations are taken.
    • Announcement of Dissertation Committee – Use this form to announce the members of your dissertation committee.
    • Dissertation Proposal Application – Use this form to declare the approval of the dissertation proposal by your dissertation committee.
    • Student Chair Dissertation Agreement – Use this form to declare the expectations for a semester of dissertation writing agreed to by you and your dissertation supervisor.

Final Steps Forms for Dissertation Students


List of Approved Editors

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