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School Leaders

Make a Larger Impact on Education

The School Leadership Partnership concentration incorporates theory and practice-based learning, and is designed to prepare leaders who can dramatically improve schools and school districts. The courses in this program, collaboratively designed by faculty from the Dreeben School of Education and instructors from the ESC 20 Cohort of Leadership Associates (CoLA ), are built on the set of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that a principal must have.

Degree Plan

Requirements for the Master's degree with a concentration in School Leadership:

Master of education degree plan

Core Courses (12 hours):

  • EDUC 6301 Introduction to Educational Research

  • EDUC 6304 Theories of Learning or ADED 6381 Adult Learning and Development

  • EDUC 6306 Philosophical Foundations of Education

  • EDUC 63CS1 Capstone in Education

Requirements in the concentration for School Leadership (21 hours):

  • EDUC 6348 School Leadership

  • EDUC 6347 Principalship

  • EDUC 6349  Instructional Leadership

  • EDUC 6351 School, Home, and Community

  • EDUC 6350 School Finance, Policy and Law

  • EDUC 6388 Leadership Practicum I

  • EDUC 6389 Leadership Practicum II

Admission Criteria

Visit the ESC 20 Cohort of Leadership Associates website to view the application process, program entrance requirements, and deadlines.


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