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Teacher Education Program

Earn your Degree and Texas Teacher Certification


Elementary Teaching

Our Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies prepares students for elementary (EC-6) teaching. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, applicable TExES examinations, and state requirements, the candidate will be eligible to apply for state certification through our Teacher Education Program.

Coursework Overview

  • Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, Certification

    Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) offers an undergraduate degree concurrent with preparation for early childhood through 6th Texas teaching certification. A student following this course of study will complete the UIW core, the Interdisciplinary Studies major, a minor in reading, special education coursework, and the professional development course sequence. Upon successful completion of program requirements and applicable TExES examinations, the student will be eligible to apply for state teacher certification. 

    IDS Degree Plan (PDF)



High School and All-Level Teaching

Students interested in secondary certification (7-12) and all-level certification (EC-12) major in their intended teaching field and minor in education. Specific teaching fields include:

English Language Arts, History, Life Science (Biology), Physical Science, Mathematics, Art, Music, Spanish, Theater, and Physical Education

Coursework Overview

  • Education Minor for Secondary and All-Level Certification

    The education minor prepares candidates for secondary certification (7th through 12th) or all-level certification (early childhood through 12th); depending on the associated teaching field. A student following this course of study will take the UIW core, coursework in a major (teaching field), and the education minor (pre-professional courses, and the professional development sequence). Students pursuing the education minor are also eligible to complete optional minors in special education and/or reading.

    Education Minor Degree Plan (PDF)

    Upon successful completion of program requirements and applicable TExES examinations, the student will be eligible to apply for state teaching certification to teach within their specialization field.

    • A SECONDARY teaching program resulting in certification for 7th through 12th is available for the following specializations:  English Language Arts, History, Life Science, Physical Science, Mathematics
    • An ALL-LEVEL teaching program resulting in certification for early childhood through the 12th is available for the following specializations: Art, Music, Spanish, Theater, and Physical Education.



Related Minors

Reading and Special Education

Students in any major may complete a reading minor and/or the special education minor. The reading minor offers an overview of reading and language acquisition. The special education minor offers an overview of social, educational, and advocacy issues related to supporting exceptional learners.

Coursework Overview

  • Reading Minor

    The reading minor is required for all IDS majors and is optional for all other majors. The coursework presents an overview of literacy instruction, including emergent literacy, vocabulary development, comprehension development, dyslexia, English language acquisition, disciplinary literacy, and children's literature.

    Reading Minor Degree Plan (PDF)

  • Special Education Minor

    The special education minor is optional for all majors.  IDS majors are required to complete the first three courses (EDUC 2315, 3343, 3346); therefore, the addition of EDUC 3335: Advocacy for Exceptional Learners, completes the minor.  The coursework presents an overview of special education history and legislation, instructional considerations, and professional responsibilities. The minor was designed to prepare certification candidates for the TExES special education supplemental examination and for the general education teacher seeking to increase their knowledge of exceptional learners.

    Special Education Minor Degree Plan (PDF)



Texas Teacher Certification

Students apply for the Teacher Education Program and, once admitted, begin coursework that prepares students for certification.  Other requirements for admission and certification can be found below.

  • Applying to the Teacher Education Program

    The Teacher Education faculty and the University’s Teacher Education Advisory Council consider several factors in making the decision about an individual's admission to the Teacher Education Program. All students who plan to follow a program leading to initial certification must formally apply and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Applications are accepted each semester (typically, the last two weeks of February, May, and September). Specific dates are announced and can be obtained from the DSE Office and program advisors. Students may not enroll in courses designated as “professional development” without a full TEP acceptance and a signed acceptance letter denoting consent to be designated a certification candidate of the UIW Teacher Education Program.

  • Application Requirements
    • Minimum of 60 semester hours of coursework successfully completed with a grade of “C” or higher in every course taken for IDS majors / in major and education coursework for secondary/all-level candidates.
    • Cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or greater.
    • A minimum score of 230 on the reading, writing, and mathematics sections of the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA)
    • EDUC 2305: Foundation of Education (completed or in progress)
    • Two written faculty recommendations
    • Current official transcripts (from each college or university attended)
    • Group interview
    • Writing sample
  • Preparing Teachers at UIW

    Teacher Education is a valued program of study at the University of the Incarnate Word because it so directly addresses the mission to which UIW is committed. The program incorporates a broad liberal arts education as a foundation for the more in-depth focus on academic teaching specializations and the body of knowledge associated with the teaching and learning process. The program prepares individuals for a profession in which they can affect society and humanity in significant, positive ways.

    The Teacher Education Program at the University of the Incarnate Word is a field-based program that provides intensive, realistic, and high quality experiences in school settings in which apprentice teachers can connect theory and practice, observe effective teaching practices, interact with diverse populations, and explore and develop their teaching skills in close interaction with mentor teachers and university faculty. Candidates of the UIW Teacher Education Program have consistently demonstrated a high level of achievement on the certification exams. The pass rates for the last five years are as follows:

    Certification exam pass rates for UIW candidates

    • 2014-2015 = 100%
    • 2013-2014 = 96%
    • 2012-2013 = 97%
    • 2011-2012 = 99%
    • 2010-2011 = 99%

    Supply and Demand of Texas Teachers

    The Texas Education Agency requires Educator Preparation Programs to notify their candidates that teaching positions are more difficult to secure in districts along the I-35 corridor in Texas due to the number of teacher preparation programs providing candidates within those educational markets. UIW lies within the I-35 corridor, but has experienced a consistently high rate of candidate employment.

    Educator Skills and Responsibilities

    The UIW Education Program prepares candidates’ discipline content proficiency, instructional pedagogy, and professional disposition. The TEA Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Educator Standards (TAC §149.1001) presents the following teacher standards addressed throughout our program.

    • Standard 1: Instructional Planning and Delivery
    • Standard 2: Knowledge of Students and Student Learning
    • Standard 3: Content Knowledge and Expertise
    • Standard 4: Learning Environment
    • Standard 5: Data-Driven Practice
    • Standard 6: Professional Practices and Responsibilities
  • Program Accountability

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UIW Teacher Network

The University of the Incarnate Word received a commendation from the Texas Education Agency for its innovative teacher induction program, the UIW Teacher Network, which supports candidates after initial certification, during their first three years of teaching, to improve teacher retention in the profession.


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