Engineering Management

Checklist for all courses for the BS in Engineering Management

UIW Core Courses
*ENGL 1311 Composition I
*ENGL 1312 Composition II
ENGL 2310 World Literature Studies
Fine Arts Course – 3 hours (Art, Art History, Dance, Music, Theater)
PHIL 1381 Introduction to Philosophy – 3 hours
RELS Religious Studies – 3 hours
RELS (any level) or PHIL (2000-4000) - 3 hours
HIST 1311, 1312, 1321, or 1322
Second Language - 3 hours
Second Language (same language) – 3 hours
DWHP 1200 Dimensions of Wellness or 3200 Dimensions of Wellness bridge – 2 hrs
PEHP Activity Course - 1 hour
*ECON 2301 Macroeconomics (satisfies Social Science Core req.)
*ECON 2302 Microeconomics (satisfies Core Elective requirement)

Science Courses
*CHEM 1301 Chemical Principles I (satisfies Lab Sci Core req.)
*CHEM 1302 Chemical Principles II
* CHEM 1203 General Chemistry Lab
*PHYS 2305 Physics I (with lab, satisfies Core Elective requirement)
*PHYS 2105 Physics I - lab
*PHYS 2306 Physics II
*PHYS 2106 Physics II - lab

Math Courses
MATH 1304-College Algebra (if needed before Calculus I)
MATH 1311-Precalculus (if needed before Calculus I)
*MATH 2312 Calculus I (satisfies Math Core requirement)
*MATH 2313 Calculus II (satisfies Core Elective requirement)
*MATH 2314 Differential Equations

Computer Science Courses
COMP 1301(by 2nd semester) or by exam
*CIS 2325 Personal Productivity
*CIS 23XX 2000 Level or above CIS course (approved by advisor)

Major Requirements
ACCT 2311 Principles of Accounting
BLAW 3317 Business Law
BGMT 3340 Management Theory and Practice
BMGT 3354 Human Resources Management
BMDS 3370 Business Statistics
BMDS 3371 Management Science
Upper level elective in Business or Management
BFIN 3321 Principles of Financial Management
ENGR 1201 Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 1310 Engineering Graphics
ENGR 1312 Engineering Design
ENGR 3340 Engineering Analysis
ENGR 3350 Statics and Dynamics
ENGR 3455 Mechanics of Materials and lab
ENGR 3460 Electronic Circuitry and lab
ENGR 4375 Thermodynamics
ENGR 4470 Fluid Mechanics and lab
ENGR 4399 Special Topics in Engineering
ENGR 4490 Senior Project

Community Service
Community Service (45 non-credit hours)

Total -- 130 – 139 hours (Total hours may vary, if students must take MATH 1304 and/or MATH 1311, and COMP 1301)

*Prerequisite for admission to the Engineering Management Program

Updated as of 9/17/2013

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