Engineering Management

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management

A student who graduates with a BSEM degree will bring a unique blend of technology and real world business knowledge to any future career. Graduates will be prepared to begin a career as a manager in nearly any engineering or technology firm nationwide. The demand for engineers in the U.S. grows every year. The average starting salary in 2002 for a student with a Bachelor’s degree in EM is $42,000 per year, according to the website of the American Society of Engineering Management. Students with a BSEM degree would be recruited by manufacturing, IT businesses, research foundations, and government agencies.

The Engineering Management degree was first offered as a Master’s degree about 25 years ago. It grew out of the need of engineers who found themselves working in management positions with little knowledge of business practices. About 12 years ago, universities began offering Engineering Management as a Bachelor’s degree. UIW will seek accreditation for this degree through ABET, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

This degree combines a strong core of Math, Science, and Engineering courses with an intensive study in Business Administration. In addition to the UIW Core Curriculum, an EM student will take at least 31 hours of math, science, and computer support courses, 30 hours of Management courses, and 36 hours of Engineering courses.

After obtaining a BSEM degree at UIW, a student interested in pursuing a Master's degree in Engineering Management would have the opportunity to study at the University of Texas at Austin or SMU in Dallas, where this degree is offered.


Degree path - Click here for a sample degree path from freshman through senor years.

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