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  1. Buy “green” out of our office supply catalog (recycled products).
  2. Print everything using both sides. 
  3. Save paper by printing on the backs of discarded (insensitive) documents.  If a document contains confidential information, shred.
  4. Don’t print anything you can read off the computer screen.
  5. During the day, setting your computer to automatically go to sleep during short breaks can cut energy use by 70 percent.
  6. Consider making scratch pads from discarded paper.
  7. Recycle all office paper/newspapers, etc., shredding when appropriate, and otherwise using the recycle boxes.
  8. Don’t buy plastic or Styrofoam cups.
  9. Bring your own mug and dishware to the office.
  10. Recycle all aluminum cans and plastic bottles.
  11. Avoid buying bottled water.
  12. Turn off lights when gone for 15 minutes or more. This is the period of time found to take less energy than to just leave the lights on.
  13. If you have windows, consider rearranging your office to best use natural light.
  14. Recycle toner and ink cartridges and buy remanufactured ones if printer accepts.
  15. Check to see if catalogs you regular order from are on-line. If so, remove yourself from the mailing list for the printed version.
  16. When you receive unwanted catalogs, newsletters, magazines, or junk mail, ask to be removed from the mailing list.  Then recycle the item.