English Department

English Department

Our Mission

The English Program at UIW is committed to the development of reading, thinking, and writing skills in all of the University’s students. The English Program contributes to the University's Mission. Through the study of language and literature, students find their own voice via the sympathetic study of the voices of others.


Full-time English faculty (back row, left to right): Dr. Jo LeCouer (now Professor Emerita), Dr. Emily Clark, Dr. David Pryor, Dr. Tanja Stampfl, and Dr. Chris Paris. Front row: Prof. Letitia Harding, Dr. Mary Beth Swofford, Dr. Pat Lonchar, Prof. Liz Mathews, Dr. Matthias Schubnell (chair), and Dr. Hector Perez.Not pictured: Dr. James Baker, Dr. Joshua Robbins.

What can an English degree do for you?

The study of English develops reading, thinking, and writing skills.

Close reading of texts through critical and theoretical frames, and the production of clear and logically-argued writing are foundations that prepare for any profession.

Commonly pursued careers for students with English degrees include: business, writing, teaching, law, diplomatic, and social services.

Employees value English graduates for their analytical and communication skills and imaginative creativity, while many English students elect Graduate Studies.

To view the program profile, please click on the following link: English 10 12

More information

For more information about the English department, call the Humanities (HASS) office at (210) 829-3880 or email Dr. Matthias Schubnell, Chair of English. 

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