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Who is Eligible?

The Honors Program accepts incoming first-time freshmen as well as current UIW students and transfer students with at least 60 credit hours left before graduation. Students interested in applying to the UIW Honors Program must have submitted an application to the university and received acceptance before we can send the application.Etiquette Dinner Attendees In addition, candidates must meet the following standards:

Incoming Freshmen
  • Have a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Have a minimum combined SAT score (Evidence Based Reading & Writing, Math) of 1220 and/or ACT composite of no less than 26; the minimum SAT Math test score is 550, the minimum SAT EBRW score is 570; the minimum individual ACT test score is 22
Transfer Students
  • Have a cumulative college GPA of 3.5
Current UIW Students
  • Have a cumulative college GPA of 3.25 if applying during the freshman year
  • or
  • Have a cumulative college GPA of 3.35 if applying during the sophomore year

Although interviews are not required of applicants, we strongly encourage prospective students to visit campus, attend an Honors course, and meet with the Honors Director. You may contact the Honors Director at to set up your visit. Once you have been accepted to the program we will help you fulfill the requirements of the Honors Program

How Do I Apply?

Applications to the UIW Honors Program are completed and submitted online. Once you have been accepted by the university you may request the application. Please fill out the Honors inquiry form to make the request. Your request automatically forwards to the Honors Director, who can send you a link to the application form.

The application is essentially a summary of your co- and extra-curricular activities with a description of your contributions to each organization. Current UIW students must supply written recommendations from two faculty members as part of their application packet.

All-Honors Gathering Application Deadlines

April 30 is the priority deadline for incoming freshmen who are interested in Honors housing in Sky View Residence Hall. That way we can be assured to have the rooms available. Otherwise, all freshman applications are due by July 13.

Applications from transfer students and current UIW students are due by July 13 in order to process applications in time for entrance in the fall semester and participation in the August Honors orientation.

We advise submitting an application even if you are not sure of your college choice. Knowledge of your admittance to the UIW Honors Program is one more piece of information that you have to make an informed college selection. We also encourage everyone serious about the school to visit campus, meet students and attend classes. If you elect to come for one of the overnight stays sponsored by the Admissions Office, let us know through the Honors inquiry form. We can make arrangements for you to attend an Honors class and visit with current students.