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Residence Life is passionate about empowering diverse individuals to live, learn, and grow in a nurturing environment. Our team is dedicated to serve as a resource in cultivating an inclusive and inviting community rich in faith, integrity and truth. As committed innovators, we embody personal and community development to promote a holistic and meaningful experience.


  • Health

    High school is a time of rapid growth physically and emotionally. We believe that it is crucial to provide an atmosphere conducive to healthy growth and development. If something is affecting a girls’ health we do our best to take appropriate measures to care for her. We also feel it is important to help the young ladies learn more about taking responsibility for establishing healthy patterns of eating, sleeping, studying and in their personal relationships and live a balanced life-style.

  • Safety

    Safety is a priority in any decision that we make concerning our young ladies. This ranges from practicing fire drills to working with parents on permissions for their daughters. We work with campus police and others to ensure that our building is secure and try to educate the ladies on ways that they can keep themselves safe. It is incumbent upon us to provide a safe and secure environment to help you and your daughter’s peace of mind.

  • Education

    Each young lady is at IWHS to learn and we believe this should be given top priority. We make resources available to assist the girls in their studies by providing tutors to assist them with their academic journey and encourage them to reach their full potential in their schoolwork. Education does extend beyond the classroom into residence hall life as they learn about friendship, community and building positive relationships with people through our community events.

These three priorities help guide our decision making about community events, educational materials, staff selection and a myriad of other choices. If we feel that an activity or event will in anyway endanger the health, safety or educational life of your child we reserve the right to deny them permission to such an event. Our goal is to ensure that our young ladies learn responsibility through modeling by staff and by helping the girls consider the choices they are making while under our care.




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