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Residents living on campus are supervised by the Director of Residence Life, the Assistant Director of Residence Life, the Residence Life Coordinator of Operations, the Residence Life Coordinator, the Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, 3 Graduate Assistants, and 50 Resident Assistants, and various work-study workers. The University is accompanied by a High School Boarding Program that houses both students from St. Anthony's High School and Incarnate Word High School. In addition, both custodial and maintenance staff play an important role in providing an exceptional living environment.


Diane Sanchez


Diane Sanchez is responsible for 1200+ on-campus students and making sure that while they stay on campus, their experience is the best. From sitting on safety meetings, to collaborating with other departments on campus, Diane looks for new ways to deliver a positive and memorable residential experience.


Phone     (210) 829-3819
Fax          (210) 283-5023

Her office is located in the Student Engagement Center (SEC 3160)



J.R. Chiodo-Benmuvhar

J.R. Chiodo-Benmuvhar’s primary responsibility is the residential and academic experience. Overseeing the three Graduate Area Coordinators, J.R. is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department, from maintenance, to concerns, to conduct. Consider him your “go-to” person for your housing and residential needs.


Call         (210) 883-1996 
Fax         (210) 283-5023

His office is located in the 
Student Engagement Center (SEC 3159)



JR Chiodo


Manny Esquivel


Manuel’s responsibility is to be the manager of all things housing and numbers. Beyond that, Manuel is responsible for applications, meal plans, assignments, room changes, and housing billing. Always be on the lookout for e-mails with important housing updates, deadlines, and procedures. Consider him your “go-to” person for questions about your bills or living at UIW.


Phone     (210) 805-5865
Fax          (210) 283-5023

His office is located in the 
Student Engagement Center 
(SEC 3158)



soraida banner


Being the “parent” of 45 high school students is an incredible task, and that is the responsibility of Ms. Portales. Soraida is responsible for the daily residential experiences of our St. Anthony and Incarnate Word high school students. Whether it is driving students to doctors’ appointments, shuttling them to soccer practice, or having conversations of late homework, Soraida ensures our future college students are on the right path to success.

Contact Soraida Portales at or call (210) 841-7403

Her office is located in the Madeleine Hall (D306)

Fax: (210) 829-3899



Soraida Portales


Patrick Matulich


Patrick Matulich oversees the overall maintenance and aesthetics of our 10 residential facilities. In addition, he is responsible for final walk through once residents have checked out of their room. Chances are, if you’ve seen any brochures or posters from our department, Patrick has had a hand in their development as he also focuses on our marketing endeavors at the university.

Contact Patrick Matulich at or call (210) 883-1995

His office is located in the Joeris 1st Floor (JO 109)

Fax: (210) 283-5023





Brandon Wilkins is the front line supervisor for our 53+ Resident Assistants. Brandon’s responsibilities include reviewing action and activity in the residence halls, lock out charges, RA development, and assists with RA Recruitment and RA Training. If you want to be involved by becoming an RA, or you have concerns about an RA, please speak with Brandon.

Contact Brandon Wilkins at or call (210) 883-1994

His office is located in the Joeris 1st Floor 108 (JO 109)

Fax: (210) 283-5023




Graduate Area Coordinator

Graduate Area Coordinator

Nishesh Singh is responsible for the overall experience of our 1200+ residents. Nishesh is ready to assist with roommate conflicts, new ideas or initiatives, general questions, comments, or concerns. Nishesh is able to connect with a variety of different departments and resources to help enhance your residential experience.

Contact Nishesh Sing or call (210) 883-5024

His office is located in the Student Engagment Center 3rd Floor 3150 (SEC 3150)

Fax: (210) 283-5023




 Resident Assistants


resident assistants


A Resident Assistant (RA) is a student staff member that lives in the residence halls. Your RA can be one of the most helpful and resourceful people you will interact while living at UIW. These students have been carefully selected for their leadership potential, interpersonal skills, positive attitudes, and sense of commitment. As a peer, the RA is a basic source of information and referral. RAs assist residents in adjusting to campus life, including academic concerns, roommate relationships, homesickness, and other matters. Your RA is responsible for providing leadership and support to you and other members of your community. Get to know your RA and utilize her/his knowledge and skills.

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