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Catholic Life Insurance

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Basic Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) benefits are immediately available to all regular full-time employees. These benefits are paid in full by UIW. The amount of the Life Insurance and AD&D coverage provided to the employee is equal to 1 times annual salary with a maximum of $250,000. Employees can enroll in supplemental Life and AD&D benefits for an additional cost.

Basic Coverage

Basic Life and AD&D                      100% of basic annual earnings rounded to the next higher
                                                             $1,000; Maximum $250,000


Age Reduction                                   Life and AD&D Benefits reduce 35% at age 65;
                                                              60% at age 70 and 75% at age 75

Supplemental Life Coverage

Employee Minimum Benefit            $10,000

Employee Additional Benefit           $10,000 increments
                                                              The lesser of 5x salary or maximum $500,000


Spouse Minimum Benefit                $5,000          

Spouse Additional Benefit               $5,000 increments
                                                              50% of employee amount to maximum of $150,000


Dependent  Child Benefit                  $500 for live birth to 14 days
                                                               $10,000 for age 15 days - 19 years
                                                               or age 25 if full-time student
                                                               Increments of $2,000


Guarantee  Issue                               The lesser of 3x salary or $130,000 employee,
                                                              $50,000 spouse, $10,000 child

This material is provided to you for informational purposes only. Please consult with the Human Resource Department for complete details of coverage.