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  • Short Term Disability Pays a monthly benefit if you are unable to perform the (rates quoted individually) duties of your job due to an off the job accident or illness. Each employee chooses the monthly benefit amount and the elimination period. These benefits come directly to you and you decide how to use them.
  • Accident Plan 
    Pays benefits for injuries and their treatment directly to you in case of accident—the initial treatment, the injuries, follow up care, physical therapy, major diagnostic exams, hospital and intensive care stays, ambulance transportation, a death benefit and a wellness benefit. It is not necessary that you are unable to come to work for benefits to be paid. On and off the job accidents are covered.
  • Hospital Plan
    Guarantee issue hospital plan provides a lump sum benefit for hospital stays plus an emergency room benefit, PHYSICIAN BENEFIT COPAY BENEFT, as well as an ambulance benefit. The buy-up version provides a surgical benefit, complex imaging benefit, and daily hospital benefits.
  • Cancer Plan
    Pays a large lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of an internal cancer and then pays daily or weekly benefits for hospitalization, radiation, chemotherapy or experimental treatment, blood and plasma, extended-care, hospice and home care as well as benefits for anti- nausea drugs, immunotherapy drugs, surgery, second opinions, evaluations at the National Cancer Institutes, prosthetic devices ambulance transportation, family lodging, and bone-marrow or stem cell transplantation. An annual wellness benefit of $75 is also included.
  • Aflac Plus Rider

    Pays a $5000 benefit upon diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, type 1 Diabetes, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, MS and a number of other major medical events.  There is a secondary event benefit, a heart surgery benefit and a tier two critical event benefit as well.