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  • How do I play on a team or sign up for an event?

     To sign up for a team or participant in intramurals, come in to the wellness center front desk and enroll for the event you choose. A receipt will be sent to your email to confirm you have been added to a team. If you have not received a receipt within 24 hours, you need to contact an intramural supervisor.

  • Where do we play?

    Events will be held in the Wellness Center, Softball Field and Benson stadium.

  • What do you get if you win?

    For the first place champions, they will receive a championship intramural t-shirt.

  • Can I play on more than one team?
     You cannot play on more than one team. The team you registrar with is the team you MUST play with.
  • Can I play intramurals if a varsity letter in college?
     If you are a varsity letter your team can only have a total of 2 Club/ Former college athletes per team (total is men and women). No current baseball/ softball athletes are allowed to participant, a total of 4 former baseball and softball athletes per team is allowed. For co-ed 6v6 soccer a total of 2 current/former soccer players are allowed per team. For original soccer a total of 4 former/ current (2 men, 2 women) are allowed per team.
  • Can you be picked up off the sideline to participate?
     No, you have to be enrolled through Active Net and be enrolled before registration ends.
  •  How can I submit a roster?
     You can submit a roster by emailing Or by coming into the wellness center and having our staff register you at the front desk. Student ID numbers are required.
  • How do I find out game times?
     Game times and tournament brackets will be posted on the intramurals website as well as an email being sent from intramurals to your school email. If you do not receive an email about the upcoming event please contact the intramural office or send an email.
  • What happens if our team cannot make a game?
     If your team does not show for a tournament or league game it is an automatic forfeit. If your team has two no shows in a league setting your team is removed from the league completely, and you are no longer eligible for playoffs.
  • What do I need to bring to each event?
     Each participant must have their own student ID. You will not be able to participant in any tournament or league games without it.