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New Blackboard Features!

Resource Tabs for BB Users

Getting Started

Log in to Blackboard
Getting started with Blackboard
Blackboard Announcements
Blackboard Tour
Student Preview
Edit the Course Homepage
Edit the Course Entry Point
Edit the Course Menu

Show and Hide the Course Menu
Make Course Available
Organize and Hide Old Courses
Add Tool Links to a Course
My Blackboard Global Navigation
Add an Avatar (Image) to Blackboard
My Blackboard Profile
Blackboard Calendar
Course Copy
Date Management
Student Preview
The End of Semester Checklist


The Blackboard Content Editor

Build Content from Course Files

Add Mashups

YouTube Mash-Up Workaround

Resource Tabs for Blackboard Users

Add Content to a Learning Module

Adaptive Release Rules for Content

Run Statistics Reports

Add a Course Syllabus

Add Course Documents
Add Tool Links
Add Partner Content

Create External (Web) Links

Create a Content Folder

Create a Kaltura Recording

The Kaltura Video Repository


Assessments and Assignments

Using Assignments and SafeAssign

Direct Submit a SafeAssignment

Create a Test

Create Test Questions

Test Options

Question Pool of Test Questions 

Random Block of Test Questions

Add Existing Questions to a Test

Export or Import a Test or Survey

Upload Test Questions from Excel

Item Analysis

Automatically Regrade Tests

Read Survey Submissions


Grade Center – User Guides

Enter Grades

In-Line Grading

Anonymous and Delegated Grading

Grade Discussions, Blogs, and Wikis

Grade Details

Upload and Download Grades from Grade Center

Download Assignments

Grade Center Smart View

Customize the Grade Center

Color Code the Grade Center

Create a Grading Schema

Create a Grading Rubric

Grade Using a Rubric


Grade Center – Set-up and Manage

Manage the Grade Center

Grade Center Columns and Categories

Remove and Edit Columns

Troubleshoot the Grade Center


Interactive Tools

Create a Blog

Create Blog Entries

Create a Journal

Edit and Manage Journal Entries

Create and Manage Wikis

Create and Edit Wiki Pages

Create Discussion Board Forums

Attach a Video to a Discussion Board

Attach a Document to a Discussion Board

Create a Thread

Replying to a Thread

Tag Discussion Board Posts

Send Email






Packages and Utilities

Blackboard Course Copy
Import Course Content

Archive a Course

Export a Course Package

Run Statistics Reports