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  • Mabee Library Research Lab
    • PC Lab with 36 stations

    • These computers are available for searching the library's resources, databases and the internet.

    • The computers have Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro and other software used by various disciplines

    • There are four standup computers that are available to library visitors.

  • Mobile Devices
    • Mobile devices can be checked out for three (3) days.  They have Microsoft Office software installed.  Work must be saved to a flash drive or emailed.

  • Media Center Computers – Have Moved
    • vLab@Everywhere is a new virtual lab located on the ground floor of the new Student Engagement Center (SEC). 

    • UIW students will also enjoy the convenience of using academic software from anywhere on campus, including the residence halls, without being tethered to a physical computer lab.

    • HelpDesk@the SEC - the Help Desk is now located at the SEC.

    • Call for hours of operation 210-829-2721 or visit their site: Help Desk

  • Graduate Computer Rooms
    • Rooms 103 and 105 are available only to graduate students. There are four computers in each room with SPSS, NVivo, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Microsoft Office software. Keys are checked out from the Circulation Desk.

    • Doctoral Room 233 is available to doctoral students in their dissertation writing phase.

    • Graduate Computer Room Policy.

  • Network Access

UIW Print

  • Printing
    • The library has a new printing system, UIW Print, that allows students, faculty and staff to print, scan and copy.

    • This service is available to current students, faculty and staff only. 

    • Patrons must have a network username and PIDM to release print copies.  

    • There is no guest printing, scanning or copying because of the network set up of these printers.

    • Students can print from non-UIW computers by:
      1) Mapping their laptop to the UIW Print Anywhere queue while on the UIW network.
      2) Using a mobile print app to print from smartphones and tablets while on the UIW network.
      3) Using the web-print feature via PaperCut, accessible in the MYWord Portal
  • Printing Costs
    • Black and white prints and copies are $.04 per page double sided/ $.06 per page single sided.

    • Color printouts are $.20 per page double sided and $.24 per page single sided.  

    • The default is double-sided printing and black and white.  Changing to single-sided or color, must be done before sending document to the printer.

  • Pay for Printouts
    • To be able to print, patrons need to load money to their printing account via credit card using the PaperCut, which is accessible from MyWord.  They will be able to print and release from any printer in the library or the SEC.  
    • To view step-by-step instructions on how to add funds to the printing account, see - How to Add Money to Your Account
  • Employee and Department Printing
    • Employees are not personally charged for printing. For all employees (full and part-time) printing will be charged back to the primary department to which they are assigned.  This is true for ANY printer in the UIW Print program.  

    • Unlike students, employees may see a negative balance in PaperCut. This will not impact their ability to print.  Detailed monthly statements for chargebacks will be sent to the department.

  • Locations
    • First floor:  Mabee Library Research Lab, near Room 103 in the stack area and in the Reference area.

    • Second floor: Quiet Study area and near Room 238 by the group study rooms.

Copying & Scanning

  • Scanning and Copying
    • All of our printers are also scanners and copiers and the machines may be found throughout the library as listed above.

  • Costs
    • Black and white copies are $.04 per page double sided/ $.06 per page single sided

    • Color copies are $.20 per page double sided and $.24 per page single sided.

    • There is no charge for scanning to email

  • Book Scanners Locations
    • In addition, there are several book scanner located in the library, which are designed specifically for books: one in the Mabee Library Research Lab on the first floor; one in the first-floor stack area and one in the second-floor journal area. Scan to flash drive or email.