Campus Mail

Campus Mail


Click Here to access Cardinal email

As of the 13th of June, the University has completed the employee migration to Office 365.  All staff and students should use the above link to access webmail.  If individiuals have problems accessing the new link or any other email issues, they should immediately contact the help desk.

The direct link to the new email server is

To save steps for all users, at the end of July the "mail" link at the top left of the web page will launch directly to the link above instead of coming to this page first.




Legacy email link:

Click Here to access old email severs

(NOTE - this link will cease to function by the end of July 2017.)



Having issues with your e-mail?  Contact our Help Desk On-campus @ extension 2721, Locally @ 210-829-2721 or Toll-free @ 1-866-614-5043