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Name Office Title Phone Number Picture
Dr. Flor Garcia-Wukovits
BSH 206 Department Chair and Associate Professor 283-5032 Garcia-Wukovitz
Dr. Joleen Beltrami
BSH 205 Assistant Professor  829-3875 Beltrami

Dr. Theresa N. Martines


BSH 203 Assistant Professor 829-3170 Martines

Dr. Craig S. McCarron



BSH 202 Assistant Professor 805-1225 McCarron
Dr. Paul F. Messina
BSH 207 Associate Professor 832-5665 Messina
Amanda Rakowitz
BSH 234B Instructor 829-5601 Rakowitz

Dr. Scott Smith

BSH 234B Assistant Professor 832-5481 Dr. Scott Smith

Dr. Suleyman Tek


BSH 201 Associate Professor 805-1228 Tek
Dr. Zhanbo Yang
BSH 208 Professor
Assistant Dean of SMSE
283-5008 Yang
Dr. Haoxuan Zhou
BSH 204 Professor 829-3162 Zhou