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Rosenberg School of Optometry Travel Schedule

Representatives from UIWRSO travel on a regular basis throughout Texas, the United States, and Canada to meet with prospective students. We attend graduate/professional school fairs, health professions fairs, and student conferences as well as speak at pre-optometry societies, pre-health professions clubs, and other health professions organizations at colleges and universities. If you would like to request a representative to visit your campus or speak to your organization, please e-mail Mr. Eric Tradup, Assistant Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management at: tradup@uiwtx.edu.

We have just started our fall scheduling and encourage you to check back here often as new programs and visits are added.

Spring 2017 Schedule of Visitation Programs

Date School Organization
Jan. 30 Univeristy of California - San Diego Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Feb. 1 University of California - Santa Barbara Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Feb. 2 Texas Tech Pre-Health Fair
Feb. 2 Texas Tech Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Feb. 3 California State University - Fullerton Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Feb. 7 Texas Southern University Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Feb. 8 University of Houston Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Feb. 17-18 Texas Optometric Association TOA Exhibitor Booth
Feb. 18 Baylor University Pre-Health Fair
Feb. 28 Texas A&M University Pre-Health Fair
Feb. 28 Texas A&M University Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Mar. 1 University of Texas - Austin Pre-Health Fair
Mar. 1 Texas State University Pre-Health Fair
Mar. 2 University of Texas - San Antonio Pre-Health Fair
Mar. 2 St. Mary's University Pre-Health Fair
Mar. 5 University of Iowa Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Mar. 7 University of Nebraska - Lincoln Pre-Health Advising Meetings
Mar. 8 Iowa State University Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Mar. 12 Georgia Tech University Pre-Health Fair
Mar. 14 University of Georgia Pre-Health Fair
Mar. 14 University of Georgia Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Mar. 16 Kennesaw State University Pre-Health Club Presentation
Mar. 24 BYU - Idaho Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Mar. 24 Utah State University Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Mar. 29 Florida International University Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Mar. 30 University of Miami Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Apr. 11 University of Texas - Arlington Pre-Health Fair
Apr. 12 Texas Christian University Pre-Health Fair
Apr. 12 University of North Texas Pre-Health Fair
Apr. 13 Austin College Pre-Health Fair
Apr. 13 University of Texas - Dallas Pre-Health Fair
Apr. 18 University of Arkansas Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Apr. 19 Arkansas State University Pre-Optometry Club Presentation
Apr. 25 University of Southern Mississippi Pre-Health Club Presentation


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