One Of The Best Bachelor of Science - Vision Science Optometry School Programs

The University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Vision Science which includes multiple curricular tracks with a focus on Optometry.

Direct Admit Doctor of Optometry Program

The Rosenberg School of Optometry is excited to offer a direct admit program for highly qualified first-time freshmen. This curriculum is an assured program for the advanced undergraduate student who is ultimately interested in a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree.lecturehall

The successful undergraduate student will qualify to enter this program upon admission to the University. All students can qualify for the direct admit program by meeting specific SAT/ACT and high school GPA requirements. Qualified applicants must have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.70 along with a Math and Science GPA of at least 3.70.  Additionally, to qualify for Direct Admit, a student must have earned a minimum SAT score of 1210 or ACT score of 25.  Direct Admit students must also be prepared to begin pre-calculus in the 1st semester of their freshman year. To qualify for pre-calculus, a minimum SAT math score of 550 or ACT math score of 22 is required along with a minimum grade of B in high school pre-calculus.  

Qualified students accepted into the direct admit program can choose to earn their Bachelor of Vision Science / Doctor of Optometry degrees from either of two curricular tracks:

The University offers robust merit based scholarships to undergraduate students. Direct Admit students who graduate from a Texas High School or qualify through the Texas Top Five Percent Program also have access to direct admit scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are in addition to any UIW academic award for which the student is eligible.

B.S. in Vision Science (Pre-Optometry Pathway) – 4 Year Program

The B.S. in Vision Science provides students the opportunity to earn a degree which satisfies the prerequisite requirements for entrance into the Rosenberg School of Optometry as well as the majority of prerequisite courses for medical, dental and other health-related professional schools.  Successful completion of the Vision Science degree does not guarantee entrance into the professional Doctor of Optometry program but does provide a strong foundation on which to build a competitive application. Furthermore, the curriculum structure and content gives the graduate solid credentials to embark on a biomedical graduate research career, or to enter the workforce as a vision-science or ophthalmic-related specialist.


Additional program information and a detailed curriculum outline are available.


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