Only those applicants with the strongest credentials will be invited to UIWRSO for an interview. Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by the RSO Student Affairs team. On the day of the interview, candidates will be personally interviewed by a member of the Admissions Committee and will receive information on the curriculum, clinical experience, financial assistance, housing, and student services. A tour of the School, the UIW Eye Institute and the Bowden Eye Care and Health Center are also routinely offered.


Good preparation is always key. A good place to start your interview preparation is with your Career Center on campus.  Here you can learn about the interview process from experts who have great experience with effective and professional communication.  You might also want to sign up for a couple of mock interviews, which are usually available through the career center, as well.

Another great resource for interview preparation is to consult with your Health Professions Advisor or the Health Professions office.  They may already be hosting an event for this very topic or they can put you in contact with pre-health students who are preparing for an interview just like you are.


On the day of your interview, first impressions are significant. Dress for success in professional attire. Remember that your behavior with admissions representatives, faculty and students are important and professional courtesy is expected.  When in the actual interview, remember to listen carefully to the interviewer and be prepared to answer questions to the best of your ability, with honesty and confidence. When asked, be prepared to bring up your strong points, and fill your interviewer in on your qualifications and experience. Remember to have any questions written down, and if time permits, ask them.


Most important guideline: Relax and Be Yourself ! You have been chosen for your academic record and qualifications, now is the time to display your personality and your passion and understanding of the profession of Optometry.

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