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Selection Procedure

The Admissions Committee will review the candidate’s complete application portfolio once all application materials have been submitted and after the personal interview has been conducted. Acceptances will be offered to the most qualified candidates on a rolling basis.


Those applicants who receive letters of acceptance will have 2-3 weeks to either accept or decline their place in the entering class. Those who accept their place must do so by submitting a matriculation form along with a $1000 matriculation fee. The full deposit can be split up into two payments. $500 is due upon initially accepting the seat in the class and $500 is due by April 1st to confirm the seat. The full deposit is non-refundable. Of the full deposit, $900 will be directly applied toward the student’s tuition. Therefore, accepted students are advised to send their matriculation fee only after they have made a final decision about attending UIWRSO.


Matriculants are required to forward official transcripts to UIWRSO from all colleges or universities attended, prior to the first day of classes, fall term, first year. One official copy of your academic transcript from each college or university that you have attended must be submitted. The school seal must be imprinted or embossed on the transcript and should be in a sealed envelope in order to be considered an official transcript. Photocopies and facsimiles will not be accepted. A transcript is required for each college or university even though transfer credit from one college may appear on another college’s transcripts.


Students must notify the Director of Admissions if they wish to relinquish a reserved place in the entering class. Acceptances may be designated as conditional upon successful completion of requirements.

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