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Community Outreach


The Rosenberg School of Optometry performs a large number of vision screenings across the San Antonio metropolitan area. Our vision screenings are usually directed at serving people from low income and underserved areas. We have partnered with organizations such as Goodwill, Charter Schools, and the Healy-Murphy Center, which was the first alternative center accredited in the State of Texas serving at-risk youth.

In association with Johnson & Johnson, we provided vision screenings for 562 people during the 2010 National Council of La Raza annual meeting in San Antonio. The primary demographic were Hispanics from low income and underserved areas.

Also in 2010, we collaborated with GAMER (Giving Americans Motivation and Education for the Real World) to provide vision screenings and educate children in their program about a career in optometry. We reached over 400 children in this program.

In 2011, we are partnering with Methodist Healthcare Ministries to reach over 5,000 people, including many children, mostly from low income and underserved areas.

We are also providing vision services at a growing number of nursing homes across the city of San Antonio.