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At UIWRSO, you’ll develop academically, socially and spiritually – to what degree is always up to you.  We’re proud of our principle-driven curriculum that we believe is the foundation of great optometrists and community leaders.  We believe character matters.  You’ll hear our students say it’s the “hardest curriculum you’ll ever love.” 


There will be peaks and valleys, which is why our Interfaith Room is so popular.  Designed by students with an indoor water feature, the Interfaith Room provides a quiet place to pray, meditate and reflect.  It’s a dignified example of our continuing commitment to our students’ personal and spiritual growth. 


We’ve even developed a Personal Development Pathway delivered through workshops and lectures during the first two years of professional study.  Topics include leadership, compassionate care, human dignity, social justice and self care (importance of work/life balance).


We believe studying healthcare issues through a faith-based lens provides inspiration leading to solutions.


UIWRSO: where personal growth meets the opportunity of a lifetime


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