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New and Evolving Optometry School in the USA

Growing to be the Bproclabest Optometry School in the U.S.


Student feedback we hear the most is how appreciative they are to be able to influence, mold – even strengthen – UIWRSO with their suggestions, input and vision for the future.  We’re evolving and it’s a unique opportunity to be able to get in the ground floor and build toward the future.  Our goal is to provide the finest optometry school in the United States for our students.


We are focused on providing a state-of-the-art learning environment, giving back to our community and continuing to be a guiding force that shapes the future of optometry.  We are not held back by dusty traditions that consider the past more than the future. 


We’re working every day in the classroom, clinic and community to enhance optometry’s illuminating future … and fight for the soul of the profession.  We hope you’ll join us.  It’ll be the best decision of your life.


Get in the on the ground floor.  We’re building for the future.