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Healthcare & Health Insurance for Optometry Students

The Campus Health Center provides basic health services that focus on primary prevention care, health education and counseling, emergency care, and the maintenance of health records and insurance.

The Campus Health Center hours of operation during Fall and Spring Semester(s): Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Friday, 8a.m. - 5 p.m.; Summer Hours: Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 5 phealth.m. A Doctor is available on campus (Fall and Spring Semester only) in Health Services Mondays 3p.m. - 5p.m. and Tuesdays 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. No appointments are necessary. Students are seen on a walk-in basis. Health Services is located on the ground level of the parking garage on main campus, with the entrance across from the Nursing Building. There is a red awning above the entrance. The Phone Number is 210-829-6017.

All UIWRSO students are required to carry medical insurance. If the student does not have medical insurance, they may obtain this coverage through the University Health Insurance Plan.

The following may be helpful in understanding the Health Insurance and Coverage options:

  • Do I need to have student insurance?

    Yes, all RSO students (foreign and domestic) must be covered by health insurance.  If you are currently on your parent’s insurance, we encourage you to stay on the plan as long as possible.  UIW students are automatically billed for student health insurance at the beginning of each semester and are given the option to waive the insurance, if they are a domestic student. All foreign students must enroll in UIW health insurance and do not have the option of waiving coverage.

  • What types of insurance does UIW offer?

    UIW health insurance is part of a Preferred Provider Multiplan Network called Consolidated Health Plans or CHP.  The plan protects students 24 hours a day, whether at home, school or while traveling.  As a Multiplan provider, CHP provides health insurance and prescription drug coverage.  Comprehensive coverage is offered for both emergency and non-emergency situations.  More information concerning domestic student coverage may be found at:  https://studentinsurance.com/Schools/?Id=948

    Foreign student coverage information may be located at: https://studentinsurance.com/Schools/?Id=948

  • Is needle stick coverage required for Optometry students?

    Yes, RSO does require all students to have Needle Stick Coverage.  For students enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan, Needle Stick Coverage is included (2017-2018).  RSO domestic students who waive the University Health Insurance Plan will be billed for Needle Stick Coverage during the Fall semester.  Needle Stick coverage ensures access to medical services that may be necessary to treat exposure to needle stick/body fluid spatter or blood-borne pathogens. 

  • Can I waive the UIW Health Insurance Coverage?

    Yes, domestic students who are covered under another health insurance program may opt to waive the UIW health insurance plan. The Business Office will open a period to waive the insurance for the entire academic year for domestic students.  UIW and RSO will notify students and provide instructions and procedures to follow to waive the insurance through the CHP website. Please note that international students may not waive the health insurance plan. RSO domestic students who waive the University Health Insurance Plan will be billed for Needle Stick Coverage during the Fall semester.

  • How am I billed for UIW student health insurance?

    Students are billed in the beginning of each semester for the UIW Student Health Insurance.  The billing occurs in August and January and the coverage runs from August 1, 2017- July 31, 2018.

  • Can I pick up the UIW student health insurance mid-year?

    Yes, the UIW health insurance may be added in spring semester, if needed.  Also, should the student need to start with the UIW health insurance part way through the year, they may do so.   (An example: the student turns 26 years old in November and is no longer covered under his/her parent’s insurance)  In both cases, the student will contact the UIW health plan provider, Consolidated Health Plans (CHP) at 1-800-633-7867 indicating that they need to add health insurance coverage.  A CHP representative will discuss with the student the start date for coverage and the billing amount.  The original total charge of the UIW health insurance will be pro-rated to the student’s start date.   The CHP representative will then forward the “Late Enrollment Form to the student via email.  The student will complete the form and return it, with payment to CHP.   The student has the option of paying by check, bank check, money order or credit card.  Once the payment and form is processed by CHP an insurance card is send to the student.   The student can also print the ID card from the CHP website: https://consolidatedhealthplan.com/group/514/home 

    Our CHP representative for adding insurance coverage is Mike Monitor – 1-800-328-2739 x 207. 

  • Can I pick up coverage for my spouse and children?
    Yes, dependent coverage is available through the CHP program.  To apply, download the Domestic Dependent Enrollment Form for UIW at www.consolidatedhealthplan.com.  Once you have completed the form contact CHP to determine the charges.  Mail the completed form and correct premium back to CHP.  Students may pay by check, bank check or money order for dependent coverage.
  • I will be on externship during my 4th year of school. How do I find a doctor where I will be living?    

    Students on the UIW health insurance are still covered while they are away for externship.  The UIW student insurance proves a list of providers through the MultiPlan Network for the student to refer to for doctor/facility options.  This can be found at: http://www.multiplan.com/search/search-2.cfm?originator=84451   By access the site, a student can find a doctor or other healthcare profession and/or a facility (Hospital, Lab Imaging Center) in the area they are located in.  

  •   Am I covered during the periods that I am not enrolled?

    Yes, once you purchase the UIW student insurance you are covered through all holiday and summer breaks during the period of our contract, Aug.1  - July 31.

  •   How does the insurance work?

    The student will first contact the UIW Health Services Center at 829-6017 for a referral.  The Center will recommend a doctor for the student, based on the student description of illness.  The Center will then obtain the students CHP ID# from their card and enter into the system that a referral has been completed for the student.   Having a referral will waive the $100 deductible for the student’s appointment.  If the student is ill/injured during a time period which the UIW Health Services Center is closed, he/she should contact the center the next business day concerning the referral. 

    When the student goes to her appointment he/she will show her CHP card to the medical team.  They will determine if any type of payment is needed.  Once the student appointment is complete, he/she will file a claim with the insurance.  The claim form describes the injury or accident and gives additional information.  The CHP student claim form can be found on the CHP website under the Resources tab  https://studentinsurance.com/Schools/?Id=948is  or through the Quicklinks area on the group page. 

    General information on the UIW health insurance as well as Plan Benefits Flyers can be located at: http://www.uiw.edu/health/hinsurance.html

  •   Does UIW offer health services on campus?

    The Campus Health Center, located on the main campus behind the Illa Faye Miller School of Nursing, provides basic health services including care of acute minor illnesses and injuries and primary prevention care.  There is no fee for most services available to registered students.  They offer immunizations, physical exams (by appointment), and prescription for medications as well as other offerings.   A complete list of services and more information may be found at http://www.uiw.edu/health/

    The Campus Health Center is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Please contact the center at (210) 829-6017 or healthsvcs@uiwtx.edu


Once a student is enrolled, eligible dependents may also be enrolled. A copy of insurance coverage policy may be obtained at the following link http://www.uiw.edu/health/hinsurance.html.



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