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Vision, Mission & Core Values


Empowering innovative leaders and engaged scholars to serve local and global communities.




In collaboration with the UIW global community, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies provides strategic direction, support, and oversight to post-baccalaureate education and research at UIW. In support of the university’s mission, we develop policies and procedures for post-baccalaureate education and research and ensure quality and compliance. We promote responsive, engaged scholarship and enhancement of academic and research integrity.


We accomplish our mission through education, research, creative activities, and service while being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. 

Core Values


 Our mission emphasizes responsive, engaged scholarship and service-orientation. Through responsive, engaged scholarship, we focus on the intersectionality of teaching, research, and service as a way to respond to the needs of the communities we are involved in, both in local and global contexts. We believe the intersectionality among three responsibilities of higher education produces knowledge and higher thinking skills, enhances civic engagement, and results in positive social change.

We understand that responsiveness requires being conscious of the diverse needs of stakeholders and their expectations in both local and global communities, and acting in a way that emphasizes the understanding of the context. We respond to the context, in alignment with the mission of the university, through a broader understanding of the role of institutional, regional, national, and global trends. We respond to local and global challenges through a participatory and inclusive approach with the understanding of uniqueness of each context.

Through engagement with global stakeholders, we utilize academic and other professional resources to educate concerned and enlightened citizens who then will serve in solve local and global communities for the common good. Our orientation for service provides us with the direction and philosophy about how to respond to the 21st century context. We build trust and provide community service through establishing accountability, creating efficient systems, processes and procedures, advocating for innovation, and insisting on quality.