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Strategic Plan



To increase internal and external recognition of post-baccalaureate education and research

Objective 1.1. Provide opportunities to showcase faculty and student scholarship

Objective 1.2.  Provide opportunities for students to engage with external audiences




To increase external funding for ORGS programmatic support 

Objective 2.1. Submit one Graduate and Professional Improvement and Innovation grant per year




To increase enrollment for masters, doctoral, and professional programs 

Objective 3.1 Engage and support program coordinators/directors in student recruitment and advocate for institutional recognition of programs with increased enrollment.

Objective 3.2 Identify graduate programs with low enrolment numbers and advocate for program specific recruitment plans

Objective 3.3. Through collaboration with the Graduate Admissions Office, enhance current technology to manage and streamline applicant review and related administrative tasks for smooth inquiry to enrollment.




To prepare students for careers in a global economy

Objective 4.1Organize three career related activities per year




To promote diversity and inclusion in graduate and professional programs

Objective 5.1 Conduct four engagement activities per academic year in collaboration with different campus offices (ICC, Campus Life, ECCL, Mission and Ministry, Admissions) related to the promotion of diversity and inclusion




To improve graduate and professional education

Objective 6.1- Increase student engagement through workshops, events, training, and community service events.

Objective 6.2 Increase graduate student retention

Objective 6.3 Decrease the average time to degree 

Objective 6.4 Increase support for dissertation, thesis, and doctoral project completion 

Objective 6.5. Strengthen communication between the Office of Research and Graduate Studies and all academic units to enhance the graduate student experience and success




To improve research productivity

Objective 7.1.  Increase amount and impact of internal funding for research (Faculty Endowment Research Award, Faculty Workload Reassignment Award, and Graduate Research Assistant Awards)

Objective 7. 2 Promote a collaborative research culture

Objective 7. 3 Enhance the processes for external grant submission, grants administration, and research compliance




To improve ORGS as an institutional structure

Objective 8.1 Enhance cooperation among graduate program coordinators/directors and ORG

Objective 8.2 Encourage employee development

Objective 8.3 Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of business processes

Objective 8.4 Enhance accountability within ORGS