ETD Handbook

The ETD Style Manual for presents formatting and publication guidelines for electronic theses, doctoral projects and dissertations (ETDs) at UIW. ETDs are deposited into UIW's institutional repository, The Athenaeum, and dissertations are, in addition, deposited into the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global database. 

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Adherence to the formatting guidelines as presented in the style manual ensures that ETDs are prepared correctly and are ready for publication.

The style manual includes

  • a description of the ETD submission, review and approval process,
  • a reminder checklist for ETD preparation,
  • general document preparation instructions,
  • step-by-step instructions for preparing the preliminary pages of ETDs, and
  • copies of page templates.

Select the Templates link in the left menu on this page to download page templates for your thesis, doctoral project, or dissertation.

Summary of ETD Formatting

These brief instructions are intended as a general overview of formatting the thesis, doctoral project or dissertation. See the ETD Handbook for detailed, page-by-page formatting instructions.

Students must prepare electronic documents for review and publication; do not make print copies.

University of the Incarnate Word requires all ETDs to be in a ready-to-publish format prior to deposit into The Athenaeum, and for dissertations into ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global database.

The ETD must be formatted according to discipline publication standards and all additional UIW formatting requirements.

The review conducted by the ETD office is a format review, not a content or grammar review. The student and committee are entirely responsible for the ETD content, citation integrity, and writing mechanics.

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Basic Dos and Don'ts

Previously published theses, dissertations, or doctoral projects as your formatting guide? Do not use.

Current ETD formatting guidelines? Do use.

Running head in the thesis or dissertation? Do not use.

Running head in the DNP project? Do use.

Signature page in any ETD? Do not use.

Do use a title page in the DNP project including name of supervisor and mentor, and for all ETDs do include names of committee members in acknowledgments section.

General Formatting Tips

First, take care of any edits your committee requested. Even though previous editing will have given you a clean copy, examine all pages for typos and formatting. Errors often show up after incorporating last minute content changes suggested by your committee, and sometimes text and illustrations shift.

Second, the thesis and dissertation must include the required preliminary pages (see the list below). DNP projects have somewhat different requirements. Proofread all these pages! In general, these preliminary pages tend to have typos and other errors simply because they are the last pages to be created.

Third, thank your committee in the acknowledgments—use their full names and titles, and check the spelling of their names.

Fourth, check for typos in your title—especially if you have made a last minute change. The title as shown on the title page must be the same as on your abstract and structured abstract.

All Pages

All page numbers are located in the upper right hand corner and are in same font as your body text.

All text on all pages is 12 pt. font, except the font may be reduced to as small as 10 pt where necessary in tables and figures.

Margins on all pages: 1” on all sides.

Preliminary Pages

Use the page templates available at the Templates link in the left menu on this page.

Narrative Pages

DNP projects follow APA requirements for all but preliminary pages.

Line spacing for narrative pages of theses and dissertations: Double space all, except single space in

  • block quotes,
  • within table and figure notes,
  • within table titles and figure captions, and
  • within reference entries.

Line spacing inside tables and figures may be reduced if needed.

All figures and tables are presented sequentially in the narrative rather than included after the references section. This is true for all ETDs, including doctoral projects.

All headings are correctly formatted and heading levels one and two are included in the Table of Contents (TOC). It is an option to Include level three headings in the TOC, but never include level four or five headings.

All page numbers listed in the TOC and in the lists of tables and figures correspond to text page numbering.

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Reference Section

All reference entries have a corresponding in-text citation, and vice-versa.

All references are formatted exactly to the appropriate style specifications and all URLs are current. Use DOIs whenever possible.

Line spacing for reference section in the thesis and dissertation: Single space within reference entries, but double space between reference entries. DNP projects: double space throughout.

Order of Pages for Theses and Dissertations

Order of Preliminary Pages

Preliminary pages are numbered using lowercase Roman numerals.

Title Page (page one of dissertation, but do not place number on page)

Copyright Page (this is the first of the preliminary pages to receive a Roman numeral)

Acknowledgments (include your committee, mentors, editors, and other paid or unpaid assistance)

Dedication (Optional)

Abstract (Remember to remove the word “Abstract”)

Table of Contents (include only headings occurring after the TOC)

List of Tables (if used)

List of Figures (if used)

Other lists (if used)

Preface (Optional)

Order of Narrative Pages

Narrative pages (from Chapter 1 onward) are numbered using Arabic numerals. This includes all chapter pages, references and appendices.

See the UIW ETD Style Manual for complete details about formatting your ETD. Contact the Coordinator, Theses, Doctoral Projects and Dissertations with questions or concerns about any aspect of the ETD process.

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