Submitting Documents for Review

Who Must Submit

Students writing theses, doctoral projects or dissertations in partial fulfillment of their degree requirements must submit an electronic copy of their document for format review and for deposit into The Athenaeum. Dissertation writers, in addition, must use UIW's ProQuest Administrator tool to deposit a copy of their dissertation into the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global database.

Students are advised to understand the policies governing the thesis, project, or dissertation processes. These policies are presented in the Graduate Bulletin in Chapter IV, "Master's Degree Requirements," and Chapter V, "Doctoral Degree Requirements." It is especially important to be aware of the policies regarding the formation and composition of committees, student and faculty member responsibilities, deadlines, and the document submission and review process.

How to Submit Your Document for Format Review and Publication

All documents must be submitted to The Athenaeum at this address:

The thesis, doctoral project and dissertation office accepts only electronic copies for format review. Do not make print copies. Here is how to submit your document for review:

  1. Click on this link to create an account: The Athenaeum.
  2. Locate Author Corner and click on Submit Research.
  3. Choose your document type (either Theses & Dissertations or Doctor of Nursing Practice).
  4. Read and consent to the submission agreement.
  5. Complete all sections of the submission form.*Note: Under Author entry, enter a permanent email address. The Athenaeum system will send periodic usage (readership, downloads) reports to you, and you will want to continue to receive those after graduation.
  6. Complete the submission by uploading the full text of the thesis, doctoral project or dissertation and selecting the "Submit" button.

The thesis, doctoral project or dissertation must be completely and correctly formatted in accordance with university formatting requirements for student scholarly work. and presentation and publication standards. The standards are defined in the style manuals for the various document types. Page Templates are available to help in the formatting task.

When to Submit Your Document

Deadlines for submitting finished theses, doctoral projects and dissertations to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies for format review:

March 15, for graduation in May

June 1, for graduation in August

October 15, for graduation in December

If a submission due date falls on a weekend, the submission is due the following Monday.

Please allow at least three weeks for format review to be completed.

Student work submitted after the deadlines may not be reviewed in time to meet the graduation deadlines set by the UIW Registrar. View the Academic Calendar for deadlines and other important information.

Please note: All research protocols must be closed before a student can graduate. For information on the IRB closure process, visit UIW's Human Subjects Research Institutional Review Board page.