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Research Week Dates


Monday, February 20


Moody Professor lecture

12:15 pm • Mabee Library Auditorium • Reception to Follow

  12:15 pm- 12:45 pm • Dr. John Perry

The Power of Perception

University of the Incarnate Word


Tuesday, February 21


Research Week Welcome

12:00 pm- 1:00 pm • Rosenberg Sky Room • Lunch Reception

12:00 pm- 12:10 pm • Dr. Osman Özturgut

Dean’s Welcome

12:10 pm- 12:15 pm • Dr. Michael Frye

Introduction of Keynote Speaker

12:15 pm- 1:00 pm • Tomás E. Goldaracena

From Discovery to Application: The Undergraduate Research Experience


Podium Presentations

1:00 pm- 4:10 pm • Rosenberg Sky Room

 1:00 pm- 1:20 pm • Dr.  Wanita Mercer

A Case for Spiritual Change Readiness: A Correlational Study

1:25 pm- 1:45 pm • Elisabeth Hand

Music Therapy with Survivors of Trauma: Gender Implications

1:50 pm- 2:10 pm • Jordan Wetz, Dr. A. Philip Aitsebaomo, & Dr. Carlos Garcia

Effect of Ozone Exposure on Cone Photoreceptors

2:15 pm- 2:35 pm • Dr.  Danielle J. Alsandor & Dr. Leslie Martinez

Critical Issues Facing Underrepresented College Students at an HSI as Identified by Student Affairs Educators and Professional Staff

2:40 pm- 3:00 pm • Dr. Michael Mcguire, Dr. Shishu Zhang, Dr. Catalina Zarate, & Mega Martinez

Bexar County’s Reentry Program: A Cost Benefit Analysis

3:05 pm- 3:25 pm • Sr. Martha Ann Kirk & Ivan Acevedo

Documenting a “Living Legacy” On-line: Carla De Sola

3:25 pm- 3:45 pm • Gabriela Bogran

Sophia: The Feminine Holy Spirit

3:50 pm- 4:10 pm • Dr. Shishu Zhang & Dr. Gregory J. Soukup

The Impact of Religious Regulation on International Health, Wealth, and Happiness


Wednesday, February 22


Podium Presentations

11:00 am- 2:15 pm • Rosenberg Sky Room • Light Lunch Reception

  11:00 am- 11:20 Am • Dr. Zenon Culverhouse

Socrates’ Stingray Effect: Diagnosing Silence in Philosophical Discussion

11:25 am- 11:45 am • Alan Amaya, Kelley Magill, & Lakiesha Jackson

Analyzing the Protein-Protein Interaction Network of TNF-Alpha

11:50 am- 12:10 pm • Frank Cassidy

An Evidence-based Learning Study

12:15 pm- 1:00 pm • Tomás E. Goldaracena, Dr. Michael Frye, & Dr. Sreerenjini Nair

Multi Autonomous Vehicle Collaboration: Interactive Demo

1:05 pm- 1:25 pm • Margarita McAuliffe

Impacts of Officer Use of Force: A Multi-case Study

1:30 pm- 1:50 pm • Dr. Sreedevi Ande, Dr. Okan Caglayan, & Erik Coronado

Girls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS) Camp at the University of the Incarnate Word


Poster Presentations

2:00 pm- 5:00 pm • Rosenberg Sky Room


Multiple Projects


Moody Professor Lecture

5:00 pm- 6:00 Pm • Rosenberg Sky Room • Reception to Follow

5:00 pm • Dr. Malcolm Ree

Statistical Failure or Why I Didn’t Get the Expected Results

Our Lady of the Lake University


Thursday, February 23


Podium Presentations

11:50 am- 2:15 pm•Rosenberg Sky Room • Light Lunch Reception

11:50 am- 12:10 pm • Dr. Veronica G. Martinez-Acosta

Sand in my Shoes: A Sabbatical at the Marine Biological Laboratory

12:15 pm- 12:35 pm • Scarlett Pacheco

The Mythic in the Mundane: Sacrifice and Tragic Hero in Sarah Orne Jewett’s A White Heron

12:40 pm- 1:00 pm • Kristina Lopez

Nest Characteristics and Behavior in Captive Turtles

1:05 pm- 1:25 pm • Paul Huron

Development of a Signal Analysis Identification Program for Aircraft/Disaster Visualization by Converting Audio Signals using Fourier Transform Algorithms

1:30 pm- 1:50 pm • Dr. Christopher Edelman

Plu-who? Research in the History of Philosophy: What it is and Why we do it

1:55 pm- 2:15 pm • Dr. Joshua Robbins, Robert Cavazos, Andi Silva, & Zane Evans

Erasing to Remember: Reclaiming Traumatic Narratives through Erasure


thursday Night Live

6:00 pm • Seddon Recital Hall • Wine and Cheese Reception to Follow

Dr. Kevin Salfen

Song Cycle for Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, I. Prologue, II. Epithalamium

William Gokelman

Art Song: The Collaboration of Poet and Composer

Kelly R. Holguin

Flat Line Ocean

Robert Cavazos

The Reclamation of Personal and Traumatic Experience: Poems

Dr. Ken Metz

Made in SA 


Friday, February 24


Fulbright scholar panel discussion

3:00 pm • Mabee Library Special Collections • RSVP only Event

3:00 pm- 4:00 pm • Dr. Pat Lemay Burr, Dr. Brian McBurnett, & Dr. Randall Nadeau

Discover How You Can Make an Impact Abroad!

 The Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program application opens February 1. Come hear from faculty as they share their experiences with the Fulbright Program and advice on what to expect in the application process.

 RSVP at


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