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Cardinal Script (Alumni Newsletter)



In 2004, the UIW Pre-Pharmacy cohort wanted to be an organization – so they formed a club and coined the name “The Remedies.” This was the beginning of the legacy. As it always does, time passed. The pharmacy school and the faculty came into being.  Many of the original “Remedies” graduated and now proudly wear the title of Alumni of the Feik School of Pharmacy. We want to preserve the legacy and maintain contact – along the continuum – throughout tenure at the FSOP and with our alumni. With each issue of “The Cardinal Script,” the FSOP newsletter, your school reaches out to inform and connect with you – our product, our capital, our representatives, our greatest asset – our students and alumni.

Please allow us to hear from you as we continue to live vicariously with you and through you. This quarterly publication will bring news, upcoming events, and faculty, staff and student accomplishments and activities. I hope you enjoy the newsletter!

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