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Graduate Outcomes

Upon completion of all requirements of the University of the Incarnate Word School of Physical Therapy, graduates will be prepared to:

  1. Practice legally and ethically in diverse global environments, distinguished by the pursuit of self-directed learning, mindfulness, compassion, confidence, effective collaboration with others, and with competence in knowledge, reasoning, and skills.
  2. Develop quality physical therapy services based on the best available research, patient/client values, and clinical expertise, and focused on patient/client-centered care to individuals and communities.
  3. Educate patients/clients, caregivers, the public, other healthcare professionals, students, third-party payers, and legislators about physical therapy services including health promotion and wellness.
  4. Advocate for the common good of individuals and communities, vulnerable and underserved populations, the profession of physical therapy, and other healthcare professions.
  5. Be active members of their professional associations.


Class of 2017 

Outcomes -

Class of size # graduates Graduation Rate NPTE Overall Pass Rate Employment Rate
2015 52 50 94% 94% 100%
2016 53 51 96% 98% 95%
2017 52 50 96% 100% 95%