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Mass of Holy Spirit 2014 Susan Smith Hope Alexa and Kelly Joiner As a private Catholic institution, the University of the Incarnate Word is committed to educational excellence in a context of faith in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God. Recognizing the value of diversity and global interaction, the University of the Incarnate Word School of Physical Therapy welcomes people of all faith traditions. As a health profession, Physical Therapy supports the mission of Jesus Christ in serving the needs of patients, clients and society as a whole.

Faculty, staff, and administrators within the School of Physical Therapy serve as role models to students as they create an environment that values human dignity across diverse social backgrounds and foster moral responsibility and academic excellence. Discussions of values, ethics and social justice and global issues are integrated within the curriculum.

Students plan and facilitate community outreach projects and participate in community service opportunities. The School of Physical Therapy also provides opportunities for students to worship and pray together, growing in their own faith.