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Matriculating Student Checklist



Student Checklist- To be completed prior to 1st day of Orientation 

Class Communication

If you have not yet joined the class website on slack.com and are unable to locate your emailed invitation, please contact Christina Immel, cimmel@uiwtx.edu to request another one to be sent. The Slack email was sent to your UIW email account.  Please follow the UIW email set-up below. Please check your junk email, if you do not see the information in your inbox.    


Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended, including dual credit and summer transient coursework, must be submitted by June 30, 2017. Transcripts for courses in progress during Summer 2017 must be received by September 1, 2017.  Please mail transcripts to:

UIW School of Physical Therapy

Attn: Director of Enrollment

4301 Broadway, CPO 412

San Antonio, TX 78209

If you have or will complete the 6 week online Medical Terminology and/or Spanish for Health Professionals, please remember to scan and email a copy of your certificate of completion to azacaria@uiwtx.edu. The following links will take you to sign up for these courses: 

Medical Terminology: https://www.ed2go.com/online-courses/medical-terminology-word-association-approach?tab=detail


Spanish for Health Professionals:  http://www.ed2go.com/uiw/online-courses/learn-spanish-for-medical-professionals?tab=detail

Financial Assistance

Submit your FAFSA to UIW School Code: 003578.  You will receive a financial aid award letter within 2-3 weeks of UIW receiving your FAFSA.

  • When filling out the Graduate PLUS Loan Request Form the amount you request will be divided up equally for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.  Ex. If you request $4,000 you will get $2,000 for Fall 2017 and the remaining $2,000 in Spring 2018.
  • Heather Miller, Financial Aid Advisor- hkmiller@uiwtx.edu or 210-829-6008.

Laptop System Requirements

Please review the Laptop System Requirement document that was emailed to you. Please make sure that your laptop meets all specifications listed.  If you have any questions, please contact the Saidoff Help Desk at saidoffhelp@uiwtx.edu     

Background Check

See the directions from StudentCheck that were emailed to you.  Background checks typically take 3-5 days, however you should initiate the process no later than July 25, 2017 to ensure your check is cleared prior to classes beginning. 

Direct Deposit

Submit the Direct Deposit Authorization Form that was emailed to you for Student Refunds to the Business Office (see address at the bottom of the form- please do not return to School of Physical Therapy) to enroll in eRefunds.  A refund occurs when your financial aid exceeds the charges on your UIW account.  Enrolling in eRefunds ensures you receive your aid as quickly as possible.  Additional information can be found online at: www.uiw.edu/busoff/refunds.html

UIW Email

UIW email is the official form of electronic communication.  Set up your UIW email by going to the UIW homepage (www.uiw.edu) and clicking “Mail” at the top right. 

  • Username: UIW email (see personal information at the top of this form)
  • Password: PIDM/Student ID

My Word Account

Set up your student portal, My Word.  You will be able to view your financial aid, schedule, and bill here (schedule and bill not available until later in the summer when we have registered you).  Go to the UIW homepage (www.uiw.edu) and click “My Word” at the top right. 

  • Username: The first part of your email address (ex. jadoe@student.uiwtx.edu use jadoe as username) 
  • Password: PIDM/Student ID


Book list is now available. Please click here to view the book list for the class of 2020.  

You may purchase your books from any vendor and all books are needed prior to school beginning. 

  • The Office of Financial Assistance may be able to give you a “bookstore credit” if you ask for it after you have verified financial aid.  This will enable you to use your aid to buy books through the UIW bookstore or the UIW bookstore website.  Please be aware that the cost of books may exceed the allotted credit.  This might be the most convenient method, but not necessarily the least expensive. 
  • If you choose to purchase your books through another vendor, you will need to pay for them out-of-pocket prior to receiving your financial aid. 


You will receive by email a listing of nearby apartments.  This may not be an inclusive list, and no specific apartment is endorsed by UIW.

Health Insurance

If you plan to carry insurance that is not through UIW, it will be necessary to submit a waiver. If you do not submit a waiver by September 15, 2017, you will see an insurance charge billed to your student account. Follow the link to have access to the waiver: http://www.uiw.edu/busoff/waivers.html

Please note you will not be able to waive your insurance until we have registered you in July.


You will not need to register for classes, this part will be taken care of by our office.


Please review the following immunization information from our Director of Professional Practice Education (PPE).  You must provide original documentation (electronically) of the following on the first day of orientation. Hepatitis B series and/or titer – If you obtain the titer, a booster or additional series may be required if immunity is not achieved.

  • MMR- Two (2) shots or 1 if born before 1957
  • Tdap (or qualified waiver-current within the last 2 years) – The Tdap has been available to those over the age of 10 since 2005. 
    • Please don’t confuse the requirement for the DTaP (given to those up to the age of 7). 
    • Td alone will not meet the requirement.
  • Varicella Zoster (2), titer or history of (chicken pox) disease as medically documented by a licensed health care provider (vaccine will be required if immunity not achieved); official documentation must be provided in any case.
  • TB Baseline Skin Test - TB test is administered and reviewed followed by a second TB retest within 1-3 weeks after initial reading. Negative chest x-ray required for positive test results. TB Skin test or clinical assessment by healthcare provider will have to be completed on an annual basis.

Future Requirements:

  • Flu vaccine- Annually


If you will be under the age of 22 when school begins on August 21, 2017

  • Bacterial Meningitis- submit vaccination record to UIW Health Services.  Include your full name, UIW student ID# and contact number and email record to healthsvcs@uiwtx.edu or fax to 210-829-3125. 

Additional information, including exemption information, can be found online at: www.uiw.edu/health/meningitischange.html

Disability Support


If you have a disability which requires accommodations, please contact Disability Support Services.  www.uiw.edu/sds or 210-829-3997   


Student orientation is mandatory and will be the week of August 14-18.  Family Orientation (optional) will take place on August 13, 2017.  More details regarding mandatory orientation and family orientation (optional) will be supplied this summer.