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Students studying in small group in common area

Search for and Communication of Truth

Self-Directed Life-Long Learning

The search for and the communication of truth is one of the core values of the University of the Incarnate Word. It is the mission of the School of Physical Therapy to graduate physical therapist who are self-directed life-long learners, and who address patient and societal needs through evidence based practice.

Evidence-Based Practice

Students admitted to the entry-level Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Doctor of Physical Therapy Program are actively engaged in their own learning from day one. Guided by faculty members, students develop the necessary skills to critically analyze existing information, explore the literature and apply the available evidence to case scenarios.

Critical Self-Reflection

Integrated throughout the program are opportunities for self-reflection, self- and peer-assessment. During their first semester, students self-assess their core values as well as their motivation and attitude towards learning, and set goals for improvement. Students engage discussions and reflections as a means of assessing their own or their peers actions and behaviors.