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As a liberal arts institution, UIW has made a deliberate and concerted effort to support the concept of "liberal" learning through the creation of the Core Curriculum. Without apology, we require all of our graduates to complete a Core rich in the liberal arts tradition, grounded in the Catholic tradition, and appreciative of others and other cultures. We also recognize that many of our students transfer to UIW having completed all or most of our Core and as such, we accept those credits, where applicable, to ensure graduation in a timely manner. All students must complete the following Core Curriculum requirements.

Composition and Rhetoric (6 Hours)

ENGL 1311 Composition I
ENGL 1312 Composition II

Literature and Art (6 hours)

ENGL 2310

World Literature

Fine Arts

Three hours of a performance or history course in Visual Art, Dance, Music, or Theatre

Science and Mathematics (7 Hours)

4 Hour Lab Science








BIOL 1402
BIOL 1401
BIOL 2321/2121
CHEM 2301/1101
ENSC 1410
GEOL 1401
GEOL 1402
GEOL 1416
GEOL 1417
GEOL 2410
GEOL 3420
GEOL 3430
GEOL 3450
PHYS 1301/1101
PHYS 2305/2105

Unity of Life and Lab
Diversity of Life and Lab
Anatomy and Physiology and Lab
Principles of Chemistry I and Lab
Introduction to Environmental Science
Physical Geology with Lab
Historical Geology with Lab
Astronomy I
Astronomy II
Earth Science with Lab
Oceanography with Lab
Meteorology with Lab
Environmental Geology with Lab
General Physics I and Lab
Physics I and Lab

MATH 1304

College Algebra (or Higher)


History and Behavioral Science (6 Hours)

3 Hours History

HIST 1311

World History I


HIST 1312

World History II


HIST 1321

The United States to 1865


HIST 1322

The United States Since 1865

3 Hours Behavioral Science



PSYC 1301
SOC 1311
ANTH 1311
ECON 2301
POLS 1315
POLS 1316

Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Principles of Macroeconomics
American Politics
State and Local Government

Philosophy and Religion (9 Hours)

3 Hours Religion

RELS 1340

Understanding Catholicism


RELS 2320

Hebrew Scriptures or 2345 Biblical Themes


RELS 2350

Gospels and Acts


RELS 1355

Foundations of Christianity


RELS 1360

Christian Morality


RELS 1375

Prayer and Spirituality


RELS 2345

World Religions


RELS 3300

The Religious Quest


RELS 3322

Christianity through Art

3 Hours Philosophy

PHIL 1381

Introduction to Philosophy

3 Hours Religion or


Any three hour religion or advanced philosophy course

Foreign Language (6 Hours, Second Language)

Six semester hours in one language other than English. American Sign Language may substitute for the second language requirement.

Wellness and Physical Education (3 Hours)

DWHP 1200

Dimensions of Wellness (Transfer students use DWHP 3200)

PEHP Activity Course

Any 1 hour activity course (listed as activity in the catalog)

Community Service

A total of 45 clock hours (non-credit) are required for all baccalaureate degrees. Associate degrees require 22 clock hours (non-credit) of Community Service. Students may satisfy this graduation requirement by: (1) selecting volunteer opportunities posted by Campus Ministry, or (2) taking courses designated in the University schedule as service-learning courses, or (3) a combination of volunteer opportunities and service-learning courses. Students are encouraged to discuss with their advisors, early in their university experience, the options for fulfilling the community service requirement and the method of documenting their service. Students should complete their Community Service hours by the end of the junior year. Community Service hours must be completed and documented in the Registrar's Office before you apply to graduate or documentation must be attached to the application for graduation.

Computer Literacy

Upon entrance to UIW, students will be tested in Mathematics, Reading, and Computer Literacy. If the Computer Literacy test is not passed, students may take a course or do whatever remediation the students and advisor agree upon, but the UIW Computer Literacy Test must be passed or a course in Computer Literacy must be passed by the end of the second semester at UIW.


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