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Students have three options when requesting enrollment verification:

  1. students may download an official copy from the UIW secure server (free of charge),
  2. students may provide the Registrar's Office with the verification request and the Registrar's Office will forward it to the National Student Clearinghouse for processing, or
  3. students may request the same-day-service verification and pay the associated $10.00 fee.

You may immediately obtain an official copy of your enrollment verification, free of charge, through the National Student Clearinghouse using the link below.  The University of the Incarnate Word has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for verification of student enrollment status.  The enrollment verification can be presented to health insurance agencies, housing authorities, consumer product companies, banks, or whenever you are required to provide official evidence of enrollment.

To obtain your official enrollment verification, access the Clearinghouse through the University's secure log-on.  The enrollment verification link may be accessed directly through any Internet connection by entering the Universe link (below) from any computer, both on and off campus.  If the link does not work with your browser or you do not have Internet access, please use one of the computers in any of the labs on campus. Contact Computing Support at (210) 829-2721 if you experience problems gaining access to the URL.

The link below will take you to log-on instructions and then on to the UIW Secure Server; after logging in, select "Student Services," then "Student Records," then "Enrollment Verification" to go to the Clearinghouse web page.  Once at the Clearinghouse web page you will navigate through their web links to get to the enrollment verification page.  Click on the Students icon.  Click on the Performing Enrollment Verifications icon.  Go to the second "click here" and follow the instructions.  Print your certificate.

Access to the Enrollment Verification Login Instructions Page


All verification requests presented to the Registrar's Office are forwarded to the National Student Clearinghouse for processing. No verification will be released if there are outstanding obligations to the University.

You may also request same-day-service processing. The same-day-service fee is $10.00, payable in advance, for in-house processing. Same-day-service verifications are not available during peak periods, such as the first/last week of the semester. You may download the form here.


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