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Spring 2018 Schedule of Classes

  (There is no print version of the schedule)

If you register for classes and do not attend, you must withdraw from the university BEFORE classes begin to cancel your enrollment and resulting charge. If you do not cancel your registration, you will be charged and will receive a grade whether you attend class or not.


Online Schedule with Prerequisites, Fees, Days, Times, Location, and Instructor
Beginning, Ending, and Holiday Dates for Terms
Deadlines for Grade Mode Changes, Graduation, Refunds, Registration, and Withdrawals--Look for "last day to" statements!
Financial Aid Deadlines and Withdrawal Refund Policy
Tuition and Fees



Access to registration is based upon hours EARNED and
does not include courses in which you are currently registered.



Date On-line Access is Available

Time On-line Access is Available

OptD Students (Not Vision Science)   On-line

 November 13  8:30 AM

Physical Therapy Students On-line

 November 13  8:30 AM

PharmD Students (Not Pre-Pharmacy) On-line

 November 13  8:30 AM

Graduate and Doctorate Students       On-line

 November 13  8:30 AM

Seniors On-line  (90 hours or more)

 November 14  8:30 AM

Juniors On-line (60 hours or more)

 November 14  1:30 PM

Sophomores On-line (30 hours or more)

 November 15  8:30 AM

All other students On-line

 November 15  1:30 PM

Group In-line Access is Available

Date In-line Access Is Available

Time In-line Registration Begins

All Others In-line

 November 16 8:30 AM