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IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 !


        1. Gather your medical / professional documentation: DOCUMENTATION GUIDELINES


        2. Submit the documentation along with request(s) for accommodations to Student

            Disability Services for review.

                                         REQUEST FOR LETTERS OF ACCOMMODATION  (Classroom)

                                         REQUEST FOR HOUSING ACCOMMODATION

           Documentation can be uploaded within the online 'request for letters of accommodation' form

           above. Otherwise, it can be faxed or delivered to Student Disability Services.


        3. Contact Michelle Beasley, Manager of Student Disability Services

            Email or call (210) 829-3997

            to set up an appointment to finalize your registration with Student Disability

            Services and to review your accommodations.


        NOTE: Students are responsible to pick up their completed letters of accommodation from Student

        Disability Services and deliver to their professors to discuss as soon as possible as classes begin.

        Accommodations are not retroactive and begin the day the professor receives the letter of

        accommodation from the student.


        After the initial registration with Student Disability Services, students wishing to

        receive classroom accommodations for each subsequent semester must submit a

        "request for letters of accommodation" form each time that they register for new classes.


Temporary Disabilities

Student Disability Services will provide reasonable accommodations for students dealing with the inconvenience that accompanies unforeseen medical conditions. To inquire about possible services and accommodations for a temporary disability, contact the Office of Student Disability Services.


Student Disability  Services

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