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Sophomore Portfolio Review
Student Requirements


All students who are eligible are required to participate in sophomore portfolio review. 


Eligibility Requirements: Completion of the following

    • Completed FMGT 1310  with a “C” or better
    • Enrolled in  FADS 1320
    • Enrolled in FADS 2331


Purpose:   The purpose of sophomore portfolio review is to evaluate skills developed in FMGT 1310, FADS 1320, FADS 2331, and the application of those skills to a real-life situation. 


Requirements:  For sophomore portfolio review, you will create the pattern and muslin for the picture you are given.  You will be required to create the pattern and muslin.  The muslin will be required to have necessary seam finishes, facings, and closures. 


Supplies:  For the review, you will need to bring with you all of your sewing supplies, patternmaking supplies, and muslin to make your garment.  You may also bring your flat pattern book.


Evaluation:  You will be evaluated on the following items:

    • Pattern making skills
    • Construction skills


Evaluators:  The evaluators for sophomore portfolio review will include Dr. Cathryn Studak, Dr. Carla Perez,
Dr. Melinda Adams, Ms. Teri Lopez, Ms. Theresa Alexander, and Ms. Lalon Alexander.